Freight Factoring

 Freight Factoring Made Easy!

Freight Factoring
That Turns Your Invoices Into $ Cash $ Today!

Freight Factoring

No Long Contracts

We will NEVER ask you to sign a long-term commitment. If you’re only as good as your last load, then we should only be as good as our last funding. We strive to provide a level of service that keeps your truck rolling.


Simple, Competitive Pricing

You will always know exactly what you’re paying per invoice (typically just a few cents for every dollar). We never charge fees for setup, invoicing, handling, postage, or any other nickel and diming. Our pricing is crystal clear.

Factoring Fuel Card

Free Fuel Cards

Your Thunder Funding fuel card allows instant access to discounted rates, superior control of fueling costs while managing driver usage plus automatically generated to critical IFTA fueling reports.

Freight Factoring

New To Factoring ?

Learn everything you need to know in this handy guide, Freight Factoring 101

What You’ll Find Inside

  • How to get the best deal for your company
  • How to use a factoring company to your advantage
  • The set-up process and what to expect
  • How factoring can help you ask for higher freight rates

Download your Free copy.

Factoring Book

Ready To Get Started ?

⦁ Single page agreement.
⦁ No Set-up fee.
⦁ No long-term contract – 90 days is all we ask!
⦁ Receive your funds in 1 day.
⦁ Never charge an invoice processing fee!
⦁ Never charge more for non-recourse!
⦁ No minimum volume requirements – factor only the customers you choose!
⦁ Fuel Advances are available 15 minutes after loading, 7 days a week.
⦁ Fuel Advance – Receive up to 50% of your invoice amount after the truck is loaded. (Available 7 days a week!)
⦁ Fuel Card – Free to you as a Client. Diesel discounts at the pump.
⦁ Fuel Discounts!
⦁ 24/7 online account access including access to Broker and Shipper credit data.
⦁ Never charge a fee for you to use our online credit checking database!
⦁ No original paperwork required unless your customer requires it.

Freight Factoring

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Elevate your trucking enterprise to new heights of financial efficiency with Thunder Funding’s unparalleled freight factoring solutions. In the dynamic realm of logistics, cash flow is the lifeblood of success, and Thunder Funding is your trusted ally in optimizing this critical aspect of your business.

At Thunder Funding, we understand the unique demands placed on trucking businesses, from fluctuating fuel costs to unforeseen maintenance expenses. Our serves as a comprehensive resource, offering valuable insights, industry trends, and success stories that illuminate the transformative power of our freight factoring services.

Unlock the potential for faster payments, reduced administrative burdens, and improved cash flow management. Thunder Funding is more than a financial service provider; we are your strategic partner in steering your trucking company toward sustained success.

Immerse yourself in a wealth of information that goes beyond the surface, providing you with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions. Our commitment is not just to meet your financial needs but to exceed them, ensuring that you can focus on the open road while we take care of the financial intricacies.

Discover the Thunder Funding advantage – where reliability meets innovation, and where your trucking business finds the support it needs to thrive in a competitive landscape. Partner with us and experience the driving force that has propelled numerous trucking enterprises to prosperity. With Thunder Funding, your journey to financial success in the trucking industry begins now.”