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Newest Version: 7.5.24

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Update Version 7.5.24

“What’s New”
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Version 7.5.24

Added Internal Updates to get ready for new Updates.

Version 3.19.22

Added Export Data to Excel.

Version 3.12.22

Updated Invoice Status form.

Version 2.16.22

Added new Vendor Selector in the Expense form.

Part 1: Version 2.14.22

Added new Misc. Revenue form

Part 2: Version 2.14.22

Added new Fuel and DEF MPG form

Version 2.6.22

Fixed Year to Date in the Driver Pay Report.

Version 1.26.22

Mark Driver as Not Active.

Version 12.22.21

Added room for Factoring Company Info.
on Invoice.

Version 12.6.21

Added Auto Fill Invoice line items

Version 11.25.21

Added links to new website

Part 1: Version 9.28.21

* Please watch this video First.

Part 2: Version 9.28.21

All-New IFTA Reporting.  PLEASE Watch this video BEFORE installing this Update!

Part 3: Version 9.28.21

Entering Fuel Odometer Readings.

Part 4: Version 9.28.21

New Reports Layout.

Part 5 Version 9.28.21

Using the new Thunderbird Email Client to email your Reports.

Part 6: Version 9.28.21

Installing the Thunderbird Email Client

Version 10.22.20

Option to Check for new Updates or Not.
Fixed error message in the Email Load Docs form.

Version 9.29.20

Added new Search Revenue Form By: Truck, Trailer, Agent, Drivers.

Version 7.29.20

Added Team Driver support.