Trucking Pro Software

Having Trouble Installing Trucking Pro?

If you have a new computer and having trouble installing Trucking Pro.
You may get an error about 32bit and 64bit version of Microsoft Office
You may have a 64bit version or trial version of Microsoft Office on your computer.

Trucking Pro will not install a computer with a 64bit version of Microsoft Office on it.
You should never install the 64bit version of Office, You should always install the 32bit.
If you have your Office CD or have a Microsoft account you can uninstall the 64bit Office
Then reboot the computer and then install Trucking Pro
Then IF you even need Office be sure to install the 32bit version.
If you do not need Office just uninstall it.

If you do need Spreadsheets or Word then use Open Office, It’s Free and better than Microsoft Office.

READ THIS from Microsoft:
Q: Should I install the 32 or 64 bit version of Microsoft Office ?
It is strongly recommended by Microsoft that the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office (the default installation) on computers that are running 64-bit Windows operating systems.
This is due to issues with plug-ins and backward compatibility.

Office  64-bit Known Issues:
There is no support for Office 64-bit by the software vendor , only 32-bit version of Office  is supported.
The 64-bit version of Microsoft Office isn’t compatible with any other 32-bit version of Office programs.
So you must first uninstall all 64-bit versions of Office programs
before you install the 32-bit version of Office.

The only users that are likely to gain advantage from the 64 bit version are those that work with very large (larger than 2 gigabytes) Excel spreadsheets. Unless you are engaging in such computationally intensive activities with Office, the 32 bit version is strongly recommended.

Better yet instead of having to Buy Microsoft Office
Install LibreOffice , It is free.
Read more about LibreOffice Click Here